Thursday, 13 February 2014

Boo Bah

jacket  ** charity shop
dress  ** charity shop
leggings ** ebay 
hair clips ** etsy

So I've been watching scrubs for like, the past 7 hours so it seems! I re-dyed my hair last night, I used Feria hair color R48 and It turned out a little darker than I wanted. I think I'm going to dip dye the ends with bleach to make some sort of ombre effect and then put purple over it. Lately I've been really into the Mori Girl fashion, It's quite embarrassing, I actually spent like an hour or  two on Tumblr searching Mori girl and pastel goth clothing. Which is kinda stupid:P Anyhoo, i'm done with school for the week and I have midterms starting next Wednesday, so i guess I'll post back tomorrow!