Wednesday, 5 February 2014


pinafore dress ** primark
tights ** ebay
shoes ** charity shop (out of production)
My class is about to start, I'm just uploading these pictures while the teacher is messing around with the projector! It's super nice outside, it's sunny enough that the cold doesn't even bother me. These kitty-cat tights came today from ebay! They are super cheap (at around 4-5 dollars) and the material really doesn't seem like it is going to rip. I ordered them as well as another pair, I will post an outfit with them later. I don't know if you can properly see the shoes I am wearing but they are really cool! My mom got them from this second hand store for only 25$, they are made of this red leather type material. I will try and find the brand and post back later with where/if you can still get them! I gotta go to class now, so see you later!
** the shoes are brand: Jungla and it is/was a shoe company in Spain. The material is real red leather. I can't find the same version on line for sale anywhere!


  1. Awesome outfit and cool pics
    Super cool!! Nice blog

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog! I love your crazy cool style. I adore mixing prints! I followed back on GFC <3