Sunday, 9 February 2014

Sorry I didn't do an outfit post today! I went to an army surplus store with my friends. It was not a good time. The store smelled really fake, I was imagining it to be a thrift store full of ex-army stuff, but it was actually just a mecca for sexist, racist, rednecks.. After that my friend and I went to value world (a charity shop in my neighbourhood) I got a red chrocheted shawl, a black mohair chrop top, and this white lace dress, I will post outfits with them in the future! When we were done at value world we walked across the street to a little chinese resteraunt and got food. I just got back home and now have to do ALL my homework, seeing as (no matter how hard I try) I always end up putting it off till Sunday night! 

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