Friday, 7 February 2014


dress ** hot topic
scarf ** India (similar here
boots ** floral print Doc. Martens 
It was soooo cold today! My fingers got super numb while I was taking pictures. I ordered a new shutter release for my camera. This one actually has an attachment that hooks into the body of my camera to receive the signals from the clicker better. I'm excited for this because that means I can snap pictures with my hands in my pockets (and I won't get frostbite ;P). 
I'm thinking about going to the mall today to get studs for my lip piercings. These are the rings I've had on ever since I got my lips pierced, about a year ago. They are super big and they get in the way of everything. The only thing is, changing lip piercings is super scary! Haha maybe I'll go back into the piercing shop so they can do it for me:/


  1. Awesome outft! :DD
    Super cool pics too
    Nice Blog! :)
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  2. What a fun print! Also, where are your gloves from? They look so fun and warm!

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