Monday, 3 February 2014

Believe in Something

shirt * boyfriends drawer
leggings * forever 21 similar here
shoes * converse 

It was such a nice day outside! I wasn't even cold in a tank top (haha "muscle shirt"). I really don't like it when people wear little tiny shirts with leggings it looks so silly! It was, however, a mistake to wear chucks today! It was like being barefoot in the snow, my feet got so wet! My mom kind of outed my blog on facebook so It feels super awkward to just be saying whatever I usually would say! I'm really excited because today I got "accepted" or whatever, to etailPR which is a really cool blogger/brand connector. Basically, once a blog has enough followers, you can ask different brands for samples, and if they approve you feature a post with something from their store. It helps promote  both the bloggers and the brands! I'm super excited to join different campaigns but I need more followers! Eventually it will work out though! 

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