Thursday, 6 February 2014


goggles ** similar here
shirt ** DIY
cardigan ** similar here
tights ** ebay 
boots ** floral print Doc Martens

So these are the other tights that I ordered from ebay, they are super thin but they feel like they are decent quality, which is super exciting because they were really cheap xD. I ordered mock Jeffrey Campbell spiked Litas in the mail about a week ago and they STILL aren't here yet :( I'm so excited though! I got the mockup's for 75$ plus shipping, so I probably just should have bought the real deal Jeffrey Campbells, but I think the heel on the mock up's is a little less high so that will be good! I slept through my only class of the day today because I was up all night listening to my boyfriend and his dorky friends play the fable anniverary edition. They got it three days ago but have been playing it for 40+ hours!! Which is kind of amazing. Sorry for the grainy quality pictures! It was getting dark outside while I was photographing. 

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