Tuesday, 11 February 2014

We’ll make you need us, make you believe us!

This is me almost killing myself in my new shoes! Haha
Jacket ** primark
top ** forever 21
skirt ** charity shop
tights ** ebay 
shoes ** ebay 

So yesterday my Jeffrey Campbell Spiked Lita Dupes got here, and I love them! The only difference between these and the original Litas are that the real Litas have no zipper on the side. These shoes are still *really* high! (hence me almost falling in the picture above), but they fit really well and I love them :3 They will be a lot less treacherous in the fall/spring when there isn't ice on the ground! I have so much youth brigade stuck in my head right now! If you want something to listen to ... the best of youth brigade


  1. your outfits are the best thing EVER!!!!!!!!!!! i love how u post all the time!!!!!!!!!! ur the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!