Saturday, 8 February 2014

Yeah Baby...

skeleton hand hair clip ** alwaysanchors
sunglasses ** giant vintage
leggings ** romwe

awhyeah! got my first pair of sunglasses in the mail yesterday :3 They are pretty cool! They came in a box with a ton of recycled confetti and tootsie rolls! Giant Vintage is awesome, they have tons of really cool sunglasses for really cheap prices it's awesome! I'm sorry for the amount of pictures, I kind of went overboard because I was excited! Earlier I linked the skeleton hand hair clip to the wrong etsy seller, so I corrected that now! 
Soon I'll be off to my friends dad's surprise birthday party, but first I have to wake up my boyfriend. He and his best friend stayed up all night playing fable again (they've been doing this almost every night since the anniversary edition came out). Anyhoo, I guess I'll post back tonight, or tomorrow! see you later ;)

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