Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Youth Brigade

shorts ** hot topic
shirt ** threadless
sweater ** wet seal 
I got these shorts a while back at hot topic when they were having a 2 for 25$ sale! I can't find them anywhere on the website, but if I find them somewhere else online I will link them to it! I really like how they look paired with the mint green tights, the colors looked a lot better together than I expected! I love this shirt so much! Seriously, Doctor Who *and* Bill and Ted's Excellent adventure?! Those are two awesome things to watch:P 
Today I had school from 9:30 am until 2:50 pm D: I always feel so out of place in all of my classes because they are 95% male! Right now I'm in Circuit Analysis 1 and 2, Motors and Controls, and Calculus 2 at my college. At first all of my classmates just thought I was a joke, because I was a girl AND I cared about how I looked, but electrical engineering is just as much of an experimental art as it is science:P Either way they will see who's boss when I finish the semester with straight A's xD. Have a nice day:) 
<3 Abby 

Haha I realize this isn't the most flattering picture of myself! I look kinda dopey:P 

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  1. Awesome outfit and cool pics
    :D Nice blog!!