Monday, 17 March 2014

Beer for Heroes!

corset ** hot topic
vest ** similar here
dress ** thrift store
hair clips ** always anchors
sunglasses ** giant vintage
legwarmers ** sock dreams
creepers ** ebay

This will be the last post with these legwarmers in them for a while! I promise xD. They are just so fluffin comfy... I'm about to head to school so I didn't take a bunch of pictures:P I'm sorry if they aren't that good (I know the lighting is pretty terrible) I got this long, transparent, dress from the Salvation Army a while back and it fit me perfectly, but I couldn't find anything to wear it with, I just felt super goth. So last night I chopped off half of it and... here it is. I didn't want to cut it at first because I hardly have any longer dresses and I thought it would just be slutty if I made it short, but I'm okay with how it turned out :) Anyhoo, I gotta jammm... seeya ;D


  1. Wow ! I'm a super great new fan of your blog ! I love your style and the looks... I love the thigh high socks and all "over the knee style " are stunning, awesome and fantastic ! ♥ ( I would like to follow but since 5 days the follow link didn't walk ) I think we have to use the new " google follower " ...
    Love from France
    Tanya ♥

    1. wow that's wierd! the follow button works for me :O
      but yeah i'm totally gonna chunk out your blog:)

  2. Great corset / dress combo. :) The vest contrasts really well too.