Thursday, 13 March 2014


creepers ** ebay
shirt ** thrifted
skirt ** thrifted

I don't know why I posted this, also, it's my second look today so I definitely don't know why I posted it. I was playing Mu online and I got super depressed cause to level up you have to repeatedly hit a monster until you gain a certain amount of EXP... and then keep doing it until you have enough EXP to level up. It was getting old :/ So yupp, I didn't know what to do soo... another outfit post. I think this is the only picture that doesn't show my ass (this skirt is super short), so I'm not going to post any more... sorry if 2 pictures a day is too much of a cluster-fuck.. it probably won't happen again:P 


  1. This is an AWESOME OUTFIT! PLEASE DO post all your outfits.

  2. more than 1 outfit a day is jusss fine :) loving your refreshing, creative style

  3. Please post this fantastic set