Saturday, 8 March 2014


necklace ** ebay
skeleton hair clip ** always anchors
harness ** DIY similar here

Yupp, so no matter how much I keep telling myself I have a test on Monday in one of my HARDEST CLASSES I cannot, for the life of me, stop playing video games >.< I have literally thought of nothing other than Mu online for the past week. I'm obsessing SO hard right now! It's probably these outfit posts that are the only thing that keep me sane! I love this dress so much! My mom got it for me when she was in Maryland, she got it from a garden store (pretty weird huh?) Well, since it's from a garden store I can't really link it back to anything, but if I find anything similar I will totally update this! 


  1. Procrastination disease!! I'm so bad to! I have 5 article summaries due like yesterday (omg) and the articles are loooong but what am I doing?? Watching Blue is the Warmest Color and making shit. What is wrong w us??