Thursday, 6 March 2014

New Feelings

dress ** DIY 
assault rifle tights ** ebay

A while ago I went to this local place called the "Scrapbox". I got two fabrics, this *adorable* rabbit/fox print, and some lace! And with that I made this dress. I kind of just draped it on my manequin and tried to shape it into a boxy type aporn-ish dress. I really like how it turned out. It isn't super conservative because of the lace strip, and It still fits my style. 
I love the tights I'm wearing in this picture so much! I got them on ebay for about 3 dollars (free shipping) which is an amazing deal, by the way, the material is quite thin so I only wear them on special occasions like this (where I NEED to add more edge to an outfit so I feel okay about  myself.) So many people thought I actually got an assult rifle tattooed on to my leg, it was funny! Anyhoo, peole reading this out there should check out it's my friends new blog! Have a nice day:) 

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