Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Shoes :3

These shoes are really cool, obviously I am not going to get them because, who the hell can justify spending 100+ on sneakers? I'm thinking about trying a DIY on an old pair of converse though... I'll post back when I finally do!

I've been looking for a nice pair of Mary Janes for a while, platform ones at that. These have a 2.5 inch platform and a 4.5 inch heel, which makes them only have a rise of 2 inches (that seems relatively comfy to walk in). These Mary Janes were the only ones I could find with a high enough platform and a chunky heel as opposed to a thin stiletto heel. I think after I get them I am going to cut off some of the chains and add some sort of lace over the zipper lining. 

At 200 $ for a pair of boots, you could say this one is COMPLETELY unattainable for me, however it is SO COOL. I love everything about this, the color, the cut, and especially the ridged chunky sole. When I finally have a, well paying job, I'm definitely investing in a pair of these. 

These boots are on sale at Tilted Soles for only 99 $! I just got a pair for an early birthday present. I love plaid, and on a boot... it's super cool!

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