Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Why is it always like this?

aviator hat ** fantasy attic (similar here)
pinafore ** primark (similar here)
creepers ** ebay

School got cancelled today!!! WOOT ^0^. So you know what that means! Mu online and League of Legends... All day xD! I got this pinafore when I was in England with my mom (before I even knew what a pinafore was...). It was kind of long so I cut it and i think I cut it too short because I haven't worn it since! This cap I'm wearing came from Fantasy Attic, a costume shop where I live. They closed down over the winter, which is a bummer because they had the coolest shit...ever. Once again with the creepers! I'm loving these things :3 the soles are this foamy stuff covered in plastic (really cheap) but then again, I did get them off ebay for 30 $ so that was kind of what I was expecting. 


  1. The dress can never be too short with Tights on.

  2. Awesome dress! I didn't know it was called a pinafore either haha. Really like the style of it :)

    1. lol it's just fancy fashion lingo.. whatevs:P and thank youuu:3