Monday, 10 March 2014

Worm Worship

skirt ** h&m (similar-ish here)
hat ** romwe
shirt ** goodwill

Hey! I'm just uploading these before class :3 I have a test in like 5 minutes so I'll link them after class! Wish me luck xD

So I just finished my test.. so I guess I'll just remain in an above average state of stress level until i get the results back! I got this beanie a while back from Romwe, it was actually my first beanie ever and I love it to death. Unfortunately it has been out of stock for a while and I can't really find a similar one on line anywhere. I got this shirt at a Goodwill when I was in Maryland, the back cut out detail is super awesome. Also... my creepers came in the mail today! So I won't have to bore you with the same three pairs of shoes over and over again... now there will be four:P I have been slightly obsessing over Chobits latley, I think i'm going to start working on a cosplay for Chi:3 Anyhoo, I'm gonna go play video games and eat a sammitch:P Later! 


  1. Chobits is awesome! Chii is Great! You need to see it both in English and Japanese. I have all the English Manga too. Sumomo is my Second favorite, i programmed my Cell to be like her, loud and crazy.

    Again great outfit and I hope your test went well.

    1. that's so groovy:) i've just read the manga i haven't watched it yet!

  2. Sublime Outfit, try somethink with star wars style