Friday, 18 April 2014

and you thought he was an Astronaut

bodysuit ** ebay
skirt ** thrifted
thigh highs ** ebay
shoes ** maxstar

Hello all!
I am terribly sorry I haven't been posting this week. I have finals Monday through Wednesday and I need to do well in order to impress my professors. Anyhoo, you all probably know about Black Milk and their amazing bodysuits (which are incredibly out of my price range). Well I have been dying for a skeleton print bodysuit, but unable to justify paying close to 100 dollars for one I ordered one off ebay. The quality is OK, the stitching is kind of sloppy and the print doesn't match up everywhere, but it pleases me:)

p.s. for anyone who has the slightest interest in engineering (my other half). I just ordered a LilyPad Arduino (sewable micro-controller) so get ready for a lot of geeky fashion projects >.< :3

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  1. Perfect for new Final Fantasy's Capter