Monday, 28 April 2014

Boys with Guns

dress ** similar here
socks ** sock dreams
creepers ** ebay

Every time I order something from Sock Dreams I have a hard time not wearing them forever. These socks are super comfy and sooo cool, the stripes go with almost everything in my closet! Also-these socks aren't as stretchy as most socks so they kind of bunch up in places all up your leg (which I think is super cute). 
I'd like to talk about the X-Men for a minute- I've been re-watching all the X-Men movies, and the "spin-off" Wolverine movies, and I find it very disappointing that they centered the whole X-Men movie franchise around Magneto, Professor X, and Wolverine (seriously why would they base the entire x-men and brotherhood of evil off the three most boring, old, angry, testy, white men?). If you guys don't know the story behind X-Men: Days of Future Past, it basically goes as follows: There are only a few remaining X-Men left in a dystopian future where all mutants are basically forced into a giant internment camp (or killed) by robots called Sentinels. Magneto calls upon the remaining x-men for help, to send one of them back in time and prevent this future from even occurring. In the comics, Kitty Pryde (and AWESOME x-women who can pass through atoms without interacting with or destroying anything) is the one who is sent back in time to warn the x-men of the terrible future. But OF COURSE they couldn't stick to the comics... instead they are sending Wolverine back to the past to save the day :( The writer/producer, Simon Kinberg states that the reason they sent Wolverine back in time instead of Kitty, was because he doesn't age, so they wouldn't need to introduce another version of a character... but seriously... Kitty Pryde is like my favorite X-Men D: Damn... 
Oh well though... the universe will continue, and I am still super stocked for this film! It comes out on my birthday (May 23) and my boyfriend is taking me to see it! 
Farewell <3