Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Don't Even Care

savage wrap ** iheartraves
bra/bikini top ** iheartraves
cut out thigh highs ** iheartraves

Yesterday it was fluffin.... 57 degrees out! That may not seem like much but after a winter of snow, snow, and more snow it was an awesome releif! My friend Chloe and I decided to take pictures in my old neighborhood and here they are...... :) 
So as I mentioned in a previous post, I found this really cool website called iHeartRaves. They sell super colorful/playful clothing items and accessories. I ordered the stuff I linked above as well as a pastel monokini swimsuit and leg wraps! I'm actually obsessing over so many things they have. Like this savage Wrap (pictured below). It's super playful! You can do SO many things with it! right now I'm wearing it over this gemstone/bedazzled bra/bikini top. Anyhoo... if you decide to chunk them out at checkout if you use the code GROOVEBUNNY you will get 5% off your purchase :3