Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Galaga Rulez

dress ** thrifted (similar here)
shoes ** maxstar

Yet another awesome thrift find! This over-sized, baby-doll, crochet dress is SO comfy, it is in the wash right now so I cannot look up the brand label, but I have linked a similar dress above and I will update once my laundry is done! The weather was fluffin weird yesterday (when I took these pictures). It was super windy but the sky was nice and blue and looked like the wallpaper from Toy Story <3 Sorry for the kind of over-exposed photographs by the way... my friend Chloe and I were on the top of a parking garage mid afternoon so it was still relatively bright. I watched Iron Man 3 with my boyfriend last night and I realized that Stan Lee is actually in the movie! He plays the pagent judge in the part of the movie where Tony Stark is "hacking" into AIM's database to discover whats up with the Mandarin Attacks.  Anyhoo, I'm gonna go run some errands now <3

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