Friday, 18 April 2014

There are no heroes in the room.

over shirt ** H&M
batman shirt ** hot topic
leggings ** ebay 
shoes ** maxstar

I have glasses, I've had them since I was about 10 years old or so? I dunno... I've always been kind of a "nerd girl" not the kind that just reads silly manga and daydreams about harry potter and Doctor Who, although i AM that kind as well... I'm talking about the kind of nerd girl that is like... 2 years ahead in math, hardcore member of her high school robotics team, and then the girl that graduates early from high school to go into electrical engineering. I used to be embarrassed about being "smart" and "nerdy" but thanks to pop culture making geeks all "sexy" and cool... i guess I fit right in now. (But lets be real... I did it before it was cool ;D) just kidding... well i'm going to link below some blogs/youtubers that made me realize that it was cool to be who I am, a nerd. Enjoy:3 : She's awesome, she was on the reality TV show Fangasm (which was kinda silly) but she's a fashion blogger and a nerd. Superrrr pretty as well ;D

ALBinwonderland : This girl has a kick ass youtube channel, she has several videos on feminism and "nerd girls" where she talks about how girls shouldn't have to prove themselves every step of the way (down the path of dork-dom) just because of their gender... you should chunk her out :) 

AHHhh sorry for this crazy post... i'm just gonna go back and stress over finals some more xD adios!

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