Thursday, 3 April 2014

Where is my Mind?

It was rainy today... my fingers got really numb taking these pictures today. Right now my boyfriend is playing Halo, I really want to join him, but I feel slightly obligated to write something because i've been such a bad blogger latley :3 I've been reading a lot about otherkins and it's really silly! Basically they are these people who have the same mindset as transgenders (that is they feel like they are trapped in the wrong body) but unlike transgenders, they *actually* think that they are not human... as in characters from fictional stories. I can somewhat relate to that though! Often times I think that I am a wizard, and then i realize that i'm not and it can get really depressing. One day I was so sure that dragons were real that I had to ask my mom just to make sure... that was like a kick in the stomach :/
Anyhooooo, Ima go play halo 4 now:3 seeya!

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