Thursday, 1 May 2014


backpack ** wet seal (similar here)
pokemon shirt ** gifted (similar here)
shorts ** h&m 
tights ** ebay
socks ** ebay
creepers ** ebay

I got these shorts a few days ago from H&M. I tried on, what seemed to be, a-gazillion shorts in order to find a pair with the perfect fit (am I the only one who likes to have their butt cheeks covered when wearing shorts?) Anyways, I finished registering for my summer classes today... I have to retake Calculus 2 :( but it will be worth it if it raises my GPA! I'm also signed up for Physics 1 and a retake of Speech and Communications (I got a C in it last time!) I just looked at my lookbook and I realized- I almost have 3,650 fans :o I actually had a lookbook years ago when I was in middle-school/9th grade, but I only ever got up to around 50 fans I think :P I wonder what I did differently this time? Maybe a better camera... I don't know! I feel like my style hasn't changed that much since then. I've always just been a mixture of pastel anything/creepy-cute/grunge... well just a big clusterfuck of different "styles". Anyhoo, I'm probably gonna watch X-Men 2 now (unless my mom makes me do chores :o) haha!

p.s.- just thought i'd link this AWESOME etsy store :/ *sigh* I wish I had 100 dollars to spend on a holographic two piece :P