Thursday, 15 May 2014

Candy Cane ;D

beanie ** romwe (out of stock D: )
hoodie ** thrifted
shorts ** BDG (ebay here)
clear rain boots ** ebay

Yeahhhh it's comfy time ^O^  I'm so comfy right now- Michigan weather is so fucking crazy it was so warm and nice for the past few days and then BAM it's freezing today. Luckily I found this *awesome* hoodie at value world (a thrift shop) last week. I ALSO got these shorts at a thrift shop so i'm REALLY sorry about the limited linkage... It's super cozy today though, especially in my new rain boots (which came JUST in time because it is so fluffin muddy today). Anyhoo, my boyfriends gonna be home soon, and Chloe and I have to run to Hot Topic, so I'm gonna go now! 
Farewell ~

(silly face ^^)


  1. wow you look amazing, I LOVE your hair!! :)
    also followed you! I'm over at :) xxx

    1. thank you :3 i'm gonna chunk out your blog !

  2. love this look! your beanie looks awesome & those boots!<3

    1. thanks :3 followed you via GFC <3 your blog! your header is beautiful !!