Monday, 5 May 2014

Can't Hear you Monkey,Your Music is too Loud

shirt ** boyfriends (similar here)
pants ** nasty gal (similar here)
socks ** ebay
creepers ** ebay

Yesterday I learned that my first summer class starts today. So... I had like a week and a half of summer :( Oh well... I had to enter the real world at some point. At least I don't have to work construction all day like my boyfriend (much hard work >.<) Honestly I'm a little excited for my summer classes, at least I'll have something to do while my boyfriends at work and my other friends are sleeping. This is my last set of pictures from a few days ago when Chloe and I took a bunch of outfit posts. Hopefully I can convince her to do it again tomorrow or the next day. I have to go get ready for school now (watch criminal minds for about three hours). 


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