Friday, 30 May 2014


shirt ** forever 21
shorts ** thrifted (american apparel)
white fishnets ** chloe (similar here)
black thigh highs ** target (similar here)
creepers ** ebay

Here's my post for today! I got these American Apparel shorts at a thrift shop for around 14 dollars, they were originally 60! Holyyyy cow :O I've been playing a lot of Tales of Graces latley, we got a ps3 a few days ago and I have been obsessed with Tales of Graces ever since. I swear Sophie is my soul-mate/alter ego. I mean a fuckin robot chick with purple pigtails *awesome*

I'm totally gonna cosplay her once I beat the game ~ watch outttt! 

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  1. Love this outfit! You're so unique girl! Awesome :)
    Really like your blog! Stay true to yourself <3

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