Friday, 2 May 2014

Hair like Misa!

dress ** infectious threads 
Platform Mary Janes ** sinistersoles + DIY
socks ** ebay

A while ago I saw this girls post on Lookbook, and I fell in love with her platform Mary Janes. She had linked them to this super confusing Asian site that I couldn't even read because it was in a different language:( I was very sad. I spent ages looking for high platform Mary Janes, but alas the highest ones I could find were from sinister soles (at a 2.5 inch platform). If any of you know where I could get higher platform BASIC BLACK Mary Janes I will love you forever and be eternally grateful >.< But I do love my Mary Janes :3 They are actually so comfy to walk in. The platform is 2.5 inches and the heel is 4 inches so the rise of the heel is only 1.5 inches which is super nice to walk in! Today while taking pictures I felt like such a... steampunk pin up girl! When you wear heels with this dress it looks SO SHORT! I'm so happy with how today's pictures came out though! My boyfriend has a show tonight (well two), but they are both at over 18 y.o. bars!! It's like... 3 weeks till i'm 18 @_@ haha... ohhhh well.  Anyhoo..... I'm going to go prepare for my day! 
Farewell <3

Also- technicaldifficulty on reddit drew this picture of me! So pretty :o I love the brush stokes... seriously. This is so flattering though haha!


  1. This is such an awesome outfit, love your style <3

  2. One of my favorites so far!

  3. This dress is wonderful ! I love your blog, i follow you on bloglovin !!
    Saskia! xo