Friday, 16 May 2014

On the Outside

sunglasses ** ragstock (similar here)
military parka ** boyfriends (similar here)
"JOY" shirt ** forever 21 
belt ** hot topic
shorts ** thrifted (BDG here)
socks ** sock dreams
creepers ** ebay

Whoo, a lot of links today! So I've been running around all morning trying to fix my backyard (which got kinda fucked up in a storm we just had) I had to go to the hardware store and get chicken wire to fix the fence (that broke in the storm) that goes all the way around our house. This is the fence that keeps my two 150+ pound dogs from running into your neighborhoods ;D I got supremely frustrated while working on the backyard because there is this cable wire that is just chilling on the ground hanging from our house that DTE refuses to come fix for some reason... so I decided to take pictures really quickly as a break. It is also my boyfriends birthday today so I have to bake him this blueberry crumble cake he really likes and make all the plans for dinner with our friends tonight. SO MUCH SHIT x.x 
Anyhoo... I thrifted this shirt (the "JOY" shirt) I really like it, it's a long sleeve crop top which is really nice. It also has different colored sleeves than the rest of the body. I don't really like the fact that it says "JOY" because that's kinda wierd... but i like the smiley face! These shorts again... I'm sorry! but they are SO fluffing comfy, plus I sewed on some studs today, so they are kinda different.
I don't know what it is with Michigan weather, but last week it was in the mid 80's and now I feel like I have to turn the heat on... I'ts summer! They weather shouldn't be fucking with us this much!
Anyways- I'm going to get back to the million and one things i have to do today. 
Farewell <3

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