Saturday, 24 May 2014


skirt ** h&m (similar here)
socks ** sock dreams
shoes ** sinister soles

So yesterday it was my birthday and my boyfriend took me to see the new X-Men movie: Days of Future past. I know I've had a post about this before, but I actually really enjoyed the movie, but it failed to bring justice to the comic series. 
 I REALLY didn't like how much they fucked with the story. The sentinels looked creepy as fuck, they had to transport Wolverine back in time instead of Kitty, and the whole story line only focused on one part of the entire "Day's of Future Past" saga, the screenwriters didn't even include Rachel Summers, or Ahab, AT ALL; those were HUGE parts of the Days of Future Past comics. Also- is anyone else extremely sad that Jubilation Lee was nowhere to be found in the entire X-Men movie franchise? I mean she is SO COOL. 

At the end of this movie, we are all left with the same feeling: "You know all of the other X-men movies you've been watching, since 2000? Well just disregard those, because it actually didn't happen!"
This movie was a good addition to the X-men marvel movies, but I feel like a story this monumental deserved a more comprehensive film representation. 

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