Thursday, 22 May 2014

Shoulda Stayed Home

sunglasses ** similar here
leather bustier ** forever 21
skirt ** thrifted (similar here)
boots ** UNIF

Hey guys... yup, so these pictures are from yesterday, with my friend Chloe (who is awesome, you should totally check out her blog!) Anyhoo, the other day I went to Kohls with  my mom because she said there was a leather jacket I would really like there. We went and I found the LAST ONE EVER!! And it was my size! It's super cool, it's original price was 90 dollars but it was on sale because of the season change for 36 dollars, and my mom also had a 20 dollar coupon! So I got a 90 dollar coat for 16 dollars!
That was excitement. I'll probably post some pictures of that tomorrow or today on instagram!