Monday, 19 May 2014

Tape Worm

sunglasses ** similar here
Alpacajuana Shirt ** (designed by friends+family)
shorts ** BDG (thrifted) similar here
tights ** similar here
legwarmers ** similar here
shoes ** maxstar

Sorry for the horrible quality pictures! It was very bright outside today and I didn't really mess with my aperture as much as I should have. I've been gardening almost all day, I weeded most of our front yard (which is practically *ALL* weeds) and started planting some pretty flowers my friend Chloe and I got a while back. Hopefully when my mom gets back she will like it. It is extremely hot and sunny outside, I have never been one for sun-glass wearing (I find they most often just get in the way) but god am I thankful for these shades! I love this shirt I am wearing so much! It says "Alpacajuana" on it and has a picture of an Alpaca who is modeled after my boyfriend on it. I think our friends dad Dan and my boyfriends mom designed these shirts. I love it so much!

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