Monday, 12 May 2014

Trust Me...

tattoo choker necklace ** ebay
shirt ** target
shoes ** maxstar

I was at target a while back (while I was there buying my boyfriend a Taco printed button down *classy*) and I saw this shirt. At first I *really* didn't like it, I thought the "Trust Me, I'm a Superhero" was SUPER cheesy ;D But I am a superhero... so I got it. And I love it, the avengers are so fucking cool! Iron man is my favorite superhero of all time he is so badass... (I think he should've been in the center). Tony Stark is my inspiration to do well in school, and to build things, and to have ideas regarding engineering and electronics. Every time I feel like my life isn't amounting to anything, or I'm not good enough at what I want to do, I think of Tony Stark tinkering in his lab and it makes me want to work at least 50 times harder. 

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  1. Amazing look!! Loved that skirt and your style is always so impressive!! :)

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