Monday, 2 June 2014

Big Drool

Gryffindor Shirt ** boyfriends common room ;D (similar here)
belt ** hot topic
purple legwarmers ** ragstock (similar here)
shoes ** maxstar

Just recently got back from Physics today and decided to take some pictures :P I actually changed into something completely different for my original pictures but decided to change back into my real clothes because it was too damn muggy for me to "dress up". So this is it for today! It's super casual and comfy today, my mom says my bottom half is like a throwback to the 80's LOL but I just like legwarmers :3
I got this game "Lollypop Chainsaw" with my friend Chloe the other day so i'm thinking about trying that out soon! Anyhoo, 
Farewell for today!

And here's a picture of my beautiful puppy <3 ^^

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