Saturday, 7 June 2014

Birthday Pony

sunglasses ** similar here
shirt ** DIY
skirt ** pacsun
thigh highs ** ebay
Jeffrey Campbell Coltrane Dupes ** banggood

I really liked my outfit today. I have never been one for fishnet stockings, but I actually really like these ones! ALSO- the shoes x.x my shoes.... I have been lusting after Jeffrey Campbell Coltranes for almost a year honestly, and every time I think about getting dupes i'm just like "nooo.... they're gonna suck, they probably won't even come in the mail" (because wholesale websites are unusually scammy). But these shoes are seriously so perfect. They are super comfy, with like a .75 inch heel... I just love them so much! They even have a substantial platform which is awesome!
Anyhoo, this is like, my favorite outfit in a while so I hope you enjoy <3

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