Thursday, 12 June 2014

Cutting Class

dress ** hot topic (similar here)
purple ombre fishnets ** hot topic (similar here)
shoes ** maxstar

Hey guys <3 whats shaken? :P Just got back from class (I didn't actually cut class! I went to the whole 2 hour pointless lecture on informative speeches!) This is my outfit for today:P I was gonna wear these super cool jelly sandals that I got from heelberry, but the strap broke literally the first time I put them on :( 
I got this dress at hot topic because there was this huge sale going on, buy one get one 50% off, my boyfriend needed a new pair of party pants (jeans) so I got this dress :) I'm also in love with these purple ombre fishnets... thats so cool! Ombre fishnets :P Anyhoo, I'm off to Ypsi to help my dad look at houses, then I'm coming back and playing video games :3 
so farewell <3

If anyone has an xbox live account and wants to play like, halo 4 or anything you should shoot me your gamertag ;D


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