Friday, 27 June 2014

Leggo my Ego!

vest ** thrifted (similar here)
nightgown dress ** thrifted
tights ** ebay
boots ** tilted sole

So many pictures today! I guess I'm just happy that my test went well in Physics today. I stayed up really late last night worried that I was going to fail, but the test was actually easier than I expected. I never really liked this dress thing i'm wearing in my pictures today, I got it thinking that it would be super cool and comfy, but just alone it kind of looks weird. I finally found a combination for things it looks good with (this vest mostly). I couldn't help but take pictures with siegfried (my puppy) today, he was looking so cute >.< still is. I love my puppy so much :3
I've been reading game of thrones, as you may know. It is so intense.. and kind of gross at some points, like to the point where i'm scared to watch the TV show, because I really don't want to see some of the shit that's going on in this storyline...
I'm gonna make a pb & j now, before I start cleaning the house!
Farewell <3

LOL I feel like I'm making a Chloe face here! ^^

silly face time woot ^O^ 

Even Sigfried and I  have bloopers ^^ :D