Friday, 13 June 2014


beanie ** hot topic
vest ** thrifted (similar here)
skirt ** thrifted (similar here)
tights ** similar here
shoes ** banggood

Just to clarify- I completley get that I am not matching, I just really like what I'm wearing today! I have to make this quick because soon I have to leave to take my dad and brother to the airport. I was at my local thrift shop looking for fabric to make summer skirts out of and I found this beauty, it's originally a zara skirt, but I cannot find traces of it anywhere online! I love it though, and seriously... it was in my size? at a thrift store? What the fuckk.... I'm not complaining! I feel like i'm in one of the adventure-quest video games I always play, so if you have problems with me not matching... then take it up somewhere else:P Cause I don't care

farewell <3


  1. Totally perfect !! I'm crazy of this gorgeous look ! The skirt and thigh high socks are wonderful ! ♥ ♥ ♥ one of my favorites of your style :)