Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Oriental Ramen

hat ** similar here
shirt ** thrifted (similar here)
shorts ** h&m
shoes ** maxstar

I bought my first pair of fishnet tights, real fishnet tights! Ever since those thigh high fishnets, I've kind of fell in love with them! I used to think my legs were to skinny to look nice in fishnets, that I wasn't curvy enough, but I'm really happy with these! I just beat the rain today with these pictures! I was sitting at my desk watching criminal minds and eating Ramen, and then it started drizzling so I was just like "whoop" and ran outside to shoot a few quick ones. I'm super comfy! 
My tattoo is starting to peel a BUNCH! and it itches:( I can't wait till it's done healing. 
Anyhoo, I'm gonna go do some stuff <3

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