Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Goof Ball

shirt ** from ages ago (>.<) similar HERE
shorts ** chloe gave them to me! (similar HERE)
leg garter ** DIY (similar HERE)
shoes ** maxstar

Sorry for not posting in a while! There isn't really a good reason this time >.< I've just been lazy! 
I was totally going to do something productive yesterday but I just lazed around playing video games and watching criminal minds xD
I found this old r2d2 shirt i've had since about grade 7. I cut off the sleeves and made it into a cute little tie tank top thingi! And it matches the colour of my maxstars quite well. 
I have been lusting after all of these spiked leg cuffs and garters, but the sellers on etsy have them for like... 50 dollars O.o which is crazy. So I made my own out of a piece of leather, some sew on spikes, two D-rings, and a bit of elastic! Maybe I will do a tutorial.. probably not though, because I'm lazy!
Anyhoo, I'm gonna go drink lots and lots of mountain dew in attempt to get energized to walk over to Value World.