Wednesday, 9 July 2014

I Don't Believe in Humans

leggings ** Lip Service
shirt ** fresh tops

Sorry for the buttload of pictures! I'll probably take some down once i settle down a bit. I'm freaking out about these cool Lip Service garter leggings. I've never had garter leggings before, so they are a little out of my comfort zone, but these look amazing. I feel like they are made out of oil they are so shiny and smooth! They bunch up a little around the knees which can be annoying when you are sitting down, or waking up stairs, but other than that they are beautiful. In case you are wondering about sizing, my measurements are: waist (25) and hips (33) and I got size XS and it fits perfectly! 
This tank top... every time I wear it I get loads of compliments! It is pretty groovy though :3 haha 
anyhoo, I'm off to go tutor x.x
farewell <3


  1. I can tell your BF love this outfit too, by all the extra pictures! I just noticed your socks are mis-matched! LOVE THAT! Thank you Abby & BF.

    1. thank you! All my socks are mismatched!
      Soooo many pictures x.x

  2. Love this look! The garter leggings are totally one of a kind! Now following your blog via GFC! ♡

    xx AlexisSplash

    1. thanks:3 :o I love your blog! haha thanks for the follow :)

  3. u have such a unique sense of style !!! Amazing bod xxx
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