Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Scared Shitless

skirt ** minty jungle
shirt ** h&m (similar here)
shoes ** thrifted

I know I haven't posted in a while, I dunno... I guess I've just been busy? I went to Cedar Point (an amusement park) with a few of my friends the other day, it was really fun! There is this one roller coaster that goes up 400 feet and back down in less than 10 seconds, you reach speeds of 120 mph. I didn't go on that one, but my little brother did and I was scared shitless. I almost had a panic attack just watching him on that.
I just got a job tutoring math for one of my old professors two daughters. I'm tutoring 5th grade math for one of them, and Math Olympiad math for the other. Math Olympiad is a math contest that goes from elementary to high school, it's creative problem solving through mathematical word problems. Once you get to the high school level problems they get really tough! It's super cool though. 
Anyhoo, for all of you who got to go to Anime Expo in LA i'm super jealous >.< 
Farewell <3

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