Friday, 4 July 2014

Space Age

skeleton hair clip ** etsy
shirt ** thrifted
skirt ** thrifted
shoes ** tilted soles

I didn't post yesterday because I was working on this project. I'm trying to make my own headphones, I wanted to design a pair that looked super retro/space-age, so i was just doing the electronics for that the other day and totally forgot to post :o
I got this skirt at the salvation army, i still don't know whether i like it or not. the color is kinda blahhh >.< and it kind of reminds me of fallout. 
I watched return of the planet of the apes last night.. it was so sad :(
so i had to watch dirty dancing after that to counteract the sadness!
Happy 4th! 
Farewell <3


  1. I Love Your incredible outfit, You are absolutely beautiful. See my blog for brand & collection of stockings and pantyhose