Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Teenage Electric!

shirt ** thrifted
leggings ** supershop24hrs
shoes ** thrifted

These leggings are the best quality leggings I've had in my life. I've never gotten leggings from anywhere other than ebay or romwe, but these beat both of those by a long-shot. They are made of polyester and spandex and they are super stretchy and comfy! They don't even give you that weird crotch bundle that normal leggings give you (well i don't know if they do it to you but it happens to me far too often). In case any of you are wondering about sizing, my waist is 24-25" and my hips are 33", I got XS and they fit PERFECTLY! These leggings are so perfect that I feel confident enough to wear them as pants. I know that some of you are probably against shit like that but comeon... if you're gonna wear shorts that let HALF OF YOUR ASS hang out, you should be fine with leggings. 
I'm loving my new glasses! I'm thinking about getting my bangs cut a little shorter and wayyy more wispy, because I'm running out of contact lenses, and when you have bangs AND glasses, your whole face gets really hot, sweaty, and gross during the summer. 
I've also been playing with the idea of getting an undercut because my hair is so thick and it makes my skull sweat. Well not my skull-but my head gets hot. 
We had an egg drop today in physics. I made a sweet-ass egg-craft, but I broke it before the drop... my egg died well before it's time. 
Farewell <3


  1. VERY NICE! HOPE YOU CAN CHECK OUT MY BLOG AS WELL! Also check out! I work there I think you will love their shoes!!!

  2. You look gorgeous with your rad and hip style, Abby! Good for you for getting those new leggings and glasses. They look great on you. I don't know about the undercut, but I'm sure whatever you choose would look great on you. Stay cool and beautiful!

    Doris Gibbs @ Moody Eyes