Friday, 11 July 2014

Cry Baby

vest ** thrifted (similar here)
velvet shirt ** DIY
skirt ** h&m (similar here)
socks ** found on ground ;D
Birkenstocks ** same here

I got birkenstocks the other day, well my mom did :o we were at this shoe store because she just got admitted into the nursing program ^O^ go mom! And she knew I always wanted some so she got me a pair :o (go mom!) 
They are so comfy, I think i've only taken them off like 2 times since I got them, which is saying a lot because I usually just go barefoot! I found this sock when I was walking somewhere with Chloe, and I don't smoke weed, but I didn't know what it had on it when I picked it up! So now I have a marijuana sock! 
It's a super nice day:) school is out for the week and I'm going to a Suicide Machine show later! 
Also.. Chloe is coming back today! So that is another plus :) 
I watched Cry Baby (with Johnny Depp) yesterday... and if any of you *haven't* seen it, you should go watch it right now... it's on Netflix. It is SUCH a weird movie! But it is seriously so good... i think i'm in love with Wanda a little bit. 
Farewell <3 


  1. Awesome outfit and pics
    Great job!!

  2. I love your piercings and sandals (they look so much better with socks)! You would look so amazing if you wore black socks with those beautiful Birks and got your left eyebrow and tongue pierced.