Thursday, 7 August 2014

A Bit of Everything :)

shirt ** h&m (similar here)
batman shirt ** hot topic
skirt ** h&m
leg warmers ** ragstock (similar here)
creepers ** ebay

CRAZYYY pictures with Chloe Carter:P  I actually really like photo's taken from above of people sitting down, they are super nice for a change. It was nearing the evening when we took these pictures so they are all super grainy and the only ones that look semi-nice are the ones with this cinema effect on them.
It's been super hectic around here, i'm done with my summer classes and I have a little break until my fall semester starts up, but so much is happening :) 
My boyfriend and I are moving into our own apartment, our friend Johnny is visiting from Germany, and we are just trying to get the last of the summer before it slowly turns into fall and then winter.
I still have one more product to review for TomTop and this product is one that I am super excited for, so I want to make sure I have an outfit with it that makes it perfect :3
I'm gonna go now because I think I am going to be meeting up with my dad soon :) 
Farewell <3

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