Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Fantasy Attic

vest ** thrifted (similar here)
skirt ** paccsun
tights ** fantasy attic (similar here)
shoes ** ebay

I really really love this skirt, I wish it fit me better though :( I got it at Pacsun on sale for like 6 dollars or something. Somebody had ordered it online to the store and then returned it, so it was a final sale super deal. But it was size small :( it's really annoying when there is something SUPER COOL THAT YOU HAVE TO HAVE but it isn't in your size :( 
These thigh-highs were the first fishnets I ever owned. I think they are pretty cool, they have a stretch PVC top to them and they are super duper comfy;D
I've been rolling T-shirts ALL day and I am really hungry so I think I'm gonna make a PB&J 
Seeya later <3

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