Friday, 29 August 2014

Havana au go-go!

dress ** primark (similar here)
scrunchies ** wet seal
tights ** h&m
legwarmers ** ragstock (similar here)
shoes ** knock off converse! (converse here)

from 9th to 11th grade literally the ONLY shoes I wore were my purple flats from target,  and these knockoff converse high tops! As you might be able to see, I had to put tape around the bottom of these because there were giant fucking holes on the bottom. These shoes are super comfy and raggedy, they fit my feet perfectly now after 4+ years of being molded to them. If you follow my tumblr you will know that I am obsessing over the Demonia Swing 815 boots, these shoes are super extreme but I really like them ^O^ hopefully one day I will be able to get them ;D

I have been super studying for school, which starts on Thursday. My classes are Digital Circuit Analysis 1, Analog Circuit Analysis 1, Transform Circuit Analysis, and Elementary Linear Algebra (aka matrices all day every day)
Honestly if feels pretty weird going from Calc 2 back to matrices, and simple matrices at that. I know they will get SO MUCH harder, but right now it's so basic -.-
OH I also applied for 2 internships at the Jet Propulsion Lab in Pasadena California. It's been my dream to work at NASA for such a long time.. I really hope one of them pans out :) 


  1. Serious amount of overload from this outfit. That would be awesome Abby! I would love to see you do something you love especially in CA, where i live. I hope they BOTH pan out! I have seen those boots IRL, and yes, they are awesome.

    1. Yeah I was actually born and raised in California so it would be really nice if I got to go back there:) thanks for all the support. Yeah I'm totally gonna try and buy those boots within the next few months!! I hope they don't sell out :)