Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Nominate You

shirt ** collar here
skirt ** ragstock (similar here)
thigh highs ** ebay
shoes ** ebay

So I love this fluffin skirt so much! It's the perfect texture, material, color, and basically everything. It's da bombbbb. I also love my new platform ballerina shoes. They are flatforms with a bit of a wedge, also, I didn't clip my toenails so they hurt x.x  :( But they are so pretty O.o
My friend Chloe just did the ice bucket challenge, I filmed her doing it. I thought it was SO RETARDED but then she told me it was part of a fundraiser to raise money for ALS. So that's pretty cool... she nominated me for that as well so i guess you should look out for a video... ahh x.x
Anyhoo, it's my friend Fiona's birthday today, so i'm gonna get ready for LASER TAG!


  1. Love the shoes!!!!
    You are welcome to visit my bog