Saturday, 30 August 2014

yeah baby!

shirt ** ebay
skirt ** similar here
white fishnets ** similar here
legwarmers ** similar here
creepers ** ebay

picture cred today goes to my amazing boyfriend:) 
Last night my friends got back from up north. They went without taking my boyfriend :( But anyhoo, we went to a show last night, a lot of awesome bands played. Snafu, Still Alive, La Armada, and Hellmouth. My boyfriend bought me a SNAFU shirt :D 
The show was pretty cool but there were a couple of drunk guys who were kind of making it a bad time. One guy threw a 40 on the ground and it smashed into little tiny glass pieces... everywhere. 
We left a bit early, a while into Hellmouth's set, because their lead singer was really drunk and kind of being stupid. Oh wells though, it was a pretty good time. I really liked my outfit last night so my boyfriend took these pictures for me before the show which is a good thing because right now they are disgusting and covered with beer and other peoples sweat.
Well, I'm gonna wake him up now;D so have a nice day!
Farewell <3

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