Sunday, 7 September 2014

Bite Me!

vest ** similar here
leg warmers ** sock dreams
shoes ** similar here
backpack bear ** similar here

Yepp.. so I've been taking loads of outfit posts with this skirt. It's so cool though >.< It's getting chilly again... and that means.. SUPER LONG LEGWARMERS :) I'm so happy for the fall, my boyfriend and I are going to get a bonfire pit and have so many nice, cool, fall, nights. I love this season! I've been searching for long, comfy, sweaters for the fall/winter, but I am very particular about them. I want them to be long enough to go past my hips, so I can wear them with leggings during the winter. If you guys know of any places I can find reasonably priced sweaters you should totally let me know ;D 
Anyhoo, I'm gonna go eat breakfast :3 So Farewell!


  1. That backbag! Much too cute :> Also you guys look cute together~ Cuteness overload ! :')

  2. Ahha the pictures of you and Adam are super cute >.<